About us

Our team:

We employ professionals of the highest level.

Thanks to our passion for science, we take the leading position in the area of service improvement as well as products and technological processes that change the world for the better. We help to use natural resources in rational, responsible and effective manner and work hard to create solutions and technologies that will become the basis of business for our Customer not only today but in the future.

Our expertise, services and area of interest:

To offer the Customer a complete engineering package of the following services:

— Adoption and implementation of innovative technologies in reconstruction and construction of industrial facilities with full support at all stages of the process, including project decision-making, technical documentation development and preparation, construction and installation services «turn-key», organisation of effective business and further improvements in Project’s technologies;

— Organisation and development of supporting technical documentation (patent search with the subsequent patent registration, «know-how», technological regulations, work and production standards regulations, specifications, methods of analytical control as well as design and estimate documentation).

Provide the Customer with a full range of consulting and methodological services:

— organisation of product promotion to Russian markets and internationally;

— marketing research;

— inspection of existing production facilities, diagnostics and development of scientific and technical means in order to improve the existing technologies.

We have created a number of our own, original and proven technologies in the area of catalysts production, organic and inorganic synthesis, petrochemistry, hydro metallurgy and agrochemistry.

We are open for a long-term, productive, mutually beneficial cooperation and experience exchange.